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Who said that progress cannot be festive? Not us! At Beerfood, we fight against food waste by reusing the grains that were used to make beer to turn them into delicious crackers! 


In 2017, Alan Dartevelle and Rodolphe Paternostre were brewing beer at home. They didn't know what to do with the leftover grains ("drêches") and realized that urban microbreweries were throwing away hundreds of kilos of them! That's why a mechanical engineer and a lawyer started making biscuits.


For 3 years, they did thousands of tests with chefs, bakers and a dietician to transform these grains into healthy, nutritious and delicious crackers.Today, Beerfood has sold more than 25,000 packages and saved 2.5 tons from the bin. So if you too want to fight food waste and do a good deed for the planet, EAT BEER

Step 1 Beerfood Production Process

The grains used to brew beer by urban microbreweries are usually thrown away

We are co-creative, circular and social

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